1. Send 1-2 poems (max) to:, with ‘Submission – Your Name’ in the subject line.
  2. One submission (of up to 2 poems) per person, per month. However, you may also submit one poem responding to the Special Challenge per month in addition to this.
  3. If your submission is unsuccessful, please allow at least six months to pass before you send us more work for consideration.
  4. Email Word attachments only, all in one document.
  5. Poems should be less than 45 lines long.
  6. Poems which are aligned left are preferred.
  7. If your submission is for a Special Challenge, please send one poem by the 15th of the month it corresponds to.
  8. Please send a short third-person biography with your submission (50 words or less).
  9. Poetry should be previously unpublished, including on personal blogs or on Facebook.
  10. No simultaneous submissions please, including competitions.
  11. No changes can be made to the poems or bio after submission.
  12. Do not submit work that includes copyright material belonging to other people/third parties.
  13. I only publish poetry.
  14. I reserve the right to reject any submission which is deliberately offensive or actionable.
  15. There is no payment for published poems, as the budget for this webzine is zilch.
  16. Copyright of the individual poems remains with the author.
  17. Please credit Nine Muses Poetry if your work is published elsewhere afterwards.
  18. I try to respond to submissions within 2 weeks.
  19. Any rude or offensive emails will be deleted, and not replied to. In extreme cases, the sender will be blocked.