‘Poetry is that
which arrives at the intellect
by way of the heart.’
R S Thomas

Established in May 2018, Nine Muses Poetry aims to feature all forms of poetry by new, emerging and established poets, showcasing the best in contemporary poetry. It is managed and edited by Annest Gwilym, poet and occasional short story writer.

I live in North Wales, near the Snowdonia National Park, in the UK. If I like a poem, I will publish it, irrespective of background or publishing history of the author.

A lover of literature since childhood, my first poem to be published, written in Welsh, appeared in a local magazine when I was a teenager, one of only two chosen from my school.

Then, I took a degree in English & Italian at the University of Lancaster, spending the third year studying and working in the beautiful Italian city of Florence.

After that, although I continued to write sporadically, there followed a period when life intervened. I began to submit my work seriously in 2012. Since then, my writing has been published in literary journals and anthologies, both online and in print.

My latest poems to be published online are here and here.

This year I was included in this free-to-download e-book anthology The Way It Is.

My first pamphlet of poetry – Surfacing – was published by Lapwing Poetry in 2018 (for further details, see SURFACING page).


All the images in this webzine are from https://pixabay.com, released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0.