One Poem by Bill Cotter

The Power Station and the Schoolgirl

Morning wet in cattle hide brown,
The cooling towers blunt the early sun
And roll their dirty, grey fleeces over the town.

Synchronised, but silent, two crows lope clear,
Probe the patchwork sky for blue, clean air,
And, locked in tight, swinging loops, disappear.

A truck, its headlights bleeding,
Yellow into the mist, trundles onto the highway,
A clumsy beetle with its swaying

Load of hay. A plum tree,
Woken too early from its winter sleep
Opens its pink fingers, while, slowly, reluctantly,

A schoolboy opens his bag and his boredom,
Thinking of ways to impress the girls
And diversionary tricks to relieve this tedium.

Seated behind him, his sister wonders why,
So early, this year, a plum tree should be in bloom
And why the family dam should be already dry.


Bill Cotter’s poetry has appeared in journals in Australia, New Delhi, India, New Zealand and England. He has had published in Australia a number of poetry collections, a novel and a short play for voices. He has won the Melbourne Shakespeare Society sonnet competition and the International Library of Poetry competition.

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