One Poem by Rennie Halstead

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.


You think your money makes you better,
gives you a right to buy my life as if
you own me. Your wealth sits easy,
fits you like the smart suit, coat,
glossy hat, though my dad said
a gentleman takes off his hat
when talking to a lady.

There you are, casual, lolling
against the wall, looking down
while I take off my shoes,
hot from the stage, tired,
wanting a shower, a drink,
to put my feet up, go home
with friends, sleep.

You wait expectant, assuming
I want company, an intimate
supper and afterwards, that
I can’t say No, that your ticket
buys me for the night,
you being the owner’s friend,
my theatre angel.

And if I say No, you’ll turn,
remind me who you are,
who you know, say life is hard,
dancers two a penny and
I say Yes, smile, pretend,
and you brag at the club about
your latest conquest.


Rennie writes poetry, short stories and poetry reviews. He lives in Kent.

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