One Poem by Alun Robert

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Spring 1913 Premonition of the Blue Rider

Winter snowmelt descending at pace
driving wheels of rustic mills, the roar
like a Kamchatka geyser is music in my life

after surviving the trauma of raptors
en pursuit of our fragile souls
from fall through to spring
in aerial attrition, the battle played out

with the pungent taste of death
the disembowelled bodies of the weak
all being is flaming agony, lost

high above the water, I recall
while preening my blue regalia
to contemplate our fragile future
in migration back, back to the Baltic

on our historic route north
to rediscover our breeding grounds
in temperate Nordic climes, the peace

hence we recharge our reservoirs
of fodder and water
for our long journey from the Bewitched Mill
in genetic repatriation

over high snow-capped mountains
across the plains of Europe
on through the Somme, then past Flanders

yet I have a premonition
most horrible and shattering
that some time in the future, or closer
raptor red blood will infiltrate our route

when all being becomes flaming agony
watched by a murder of crow
carking from dead trees, ready to swoop

on life and its meaning
through the destiny of this blue rider
and the fate of our flock
from the waters of enchantment.


Alun Robert is a prolific creator of lyrical verse. Of late, he has achieved success in poetry competitions and featured in international literary magazines, anthologies and on the web. He particularly enjoys ekphrastic challenges. In 2019, he was a Featured Writer of the Federation of Writers Scotland.

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