One Poem by Judith Wozniak

Intensive Care

Found poem: quotes from critical care

What has blindsided us
is the speed.
On the imaging system,
speckled whiteness,
akin to powdered glass.

The creeping, pricking fear.
It is here, on the screen,
and spreading
in my hospital,
in my city.

We are all worried
for our young families,
our elderly parents.
We will carry this disease
home to loved ones.

The usual grumbles
and disagreements
set aside.
Soon we will bury
our colleagues.


Judith Wozniak spent her working life as a GP and has just completed an MA in Writing Poetry at the Poetry School. She has had poems published in Reach, Poetry24, Sideways, Ink Sweat & Tears, The Hippocrates Prize Anthology 2019 and the NHS Poetry Anthology ‘These are the Hands’ 2020.

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