One Poem by Julie Anne Gilligan

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Facets of Now

Inspired by The Enchanted Mill by Franz Marc

Colours muted, soft as pre-dawn,
not quite in neat focus.
Song birds pause, cat-cautious,
the hunter poised mid-prowl
waits for unlocked limbs.
Water falls frozen in its own space
pure as deep midwinter
on hold for a breaking spell.
The mill wheel strains, stopped mid-turn,
its creaks near audible. Full circle
remains a dream. Meanwhile,
beyond enchantment
life has crept out into the future,
the past now a myth, another dimension:
facets of imagination gathered, apart.


Julie Anne Gilligan’s poems have been published in anthologies, e-zines and her first collection The Thickness of Blood. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from The Open University, is an active member of the OU Poetry Society and of Poets Abroad, an international collaborative group. She lives in Essex.

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