Two Poems by Dana Knott

Pain Donors

The Algea, goddesses of pain and sorrow

Accept it like a fertilized egg
implanted in a womb.
It will grow and become
your own child to cradle
and then beat, to wound
then bandage and kiss.

It will not be forgotten
like a flower pressed
between the pages of a book.
Take it into your lap
to feed it salt and guilt
and for you it will weep.

Our price is reasonable
and as cheap as grief.

I Am Niobe

Cruel arrows
find their mark
each memory
a cherished child
struck down

Grief and imagination
fill in gaps
create new lies
and humble all

I am no longer proud
I am not hard as stone
I am my own cold pool
my eyes my nose my heart
captured in its depths

Like waves against the shore
let me gather my dead
the past belongs to me
no more


Dana Knott’s writing has appeared or is forthcoming in The American Journal of Poetry, Bitter Oleander, Emrys Journal, and Parhelion. Currently, she is the Library Director at Antioch University in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

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