One Poem by Viv Parks

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Daily Trudge

I stop to rest to catch my breath
`Tis but a small detour I take each day

I lift my skirts to tread carefully through the morning dew
for it would not do to arrive bedraggled

This is the highlight of my day as it feels so delicious
giving myself permission here for a while to dally

Just for a while I’ll take in the view listening to the dawn chorus
as I watch the mist begin to lift to greet another day

For in a short while I’ll have to shift myself
and leave the comfort of resting upon this leaning bough

Make haste for the Lord and Lady will not abide
a maid arriving late nor with mud upon her hems

My return will be as the dusk begins to descend
at the end of a long hard day

By then I will be too tired to dillydally
so to be sure I’ll not make this detour

Instead I’ll be in haste and head for home
where I’ll thankfully flop to lay my head upon bed

Sleep will soon come and with my strength regained
I’ll again return to my favourite riverside dell tomorrow


Viv Parks very much enjoys writing and reading poetry in her retirement.

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