One Poem by Susan Richardson

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Missing the Dead

I have to believe you are
watching over me,
even though I never learned
to believe in god.
I look to the moon,
silvering the sky so delicately,
and recall the stillness of your face.
Emptiness is felt so keenly at night,
when there is nothing to do
but miss the dead,
toss fitfully
under the burden of regret,
and hope that you will visit me
in a dream.


Susan Richardson is an award winning, internationally published poet. She is the author of “Things My Mother Left Behind”, coming from Potter’s Grove Press in 2020, and also writes the blog, “Stories from the Edge of Blindness”. You can read more of her work on her website.

3 thoughts on “One Poem by Susan Richardson

  1. You are a poet for the ages my dearest. So beautiful. Just exactly perfect. I was just now emailing my friend’s mother. (My friend who died of breast cancer a week after I came back from caring for her over Christmas.) I mentioned a dream I had of Deanna the morning of the anniversary of my mother’s death that she and I were going to be dancing together again — so exciting! I was getting ready and she left. I called her frantic–“Did the show start yet? Where did you go? I thought we were going together! I want to be with you!” “Don’t worry,” she said, “you have plenty of time….” and then I woke up. (Sorry if I already told you this! It’s just wild that I just read this after I just emailed her mom.)

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