One Poem by Michael Caines

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

The Moon Advises Sleep

Say, why not skip this month?
There won’t be much to see
outdoors, and (give me strength!)

they’ve scrapped the possibility
of stepping out.
It would be vanity

to think that you could scout
about the neighbourhood
or climb a mountain; I bet

they’d stop you, ask for blood,
make dubious demands
and confiscate that wad

of notes you carry round,
as if hoping to pay off peril.
Such nightmares end

in trouble – don’t you quarrel
with me – I know this scene.
You dream; I fret, and squirrel

away supplies. Tinned beans,
tomatoes, haddock, booze,
exotic fruits, plain buns –

all that I could grab. Please
don’t look like that – just sleep.
Give this month the slip. . .


Michael Caines lives in London, and was longlisted for this year’s National Poetry Competition.

One thought on “One Poem by Michael Caines

  1. I enjoyed this quirky verse. Every time I look out for the special challenge it is past the fifteenth of the month. Next month I’ll try to catch up as poems are all I feel like writing at the moment. I’ll fish out some competitions and see if I get inspired. Meanwhile, best wishes to all. Julie

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