One Poem by Mathew Wenham

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.


Her eternal heart is lit each night
with love as under sky through which she crawls
the shepherd sleeps in ever perfect sprawl,
ever free from flaws that time requites.
Gently, she bathes him in her chalky light
and lets the shadows of his lashes fall
like quiet moths upon his cheek, she calls
her stars to share in the exquisite sight.

But beneath the shepherd’s easy skin
dreams like saltwater storms crash on rocks
of hopes dashed by love’s fear of loss.
He dreams of passing time, of drying wind
and wrinkled eyes, of tending to his flock;
he dreams of endless love’s eternal cost.


Mathew Wenham is currently the Head of Senior English and Literature at a secondary college in Melbourne, Australia. He has previously worked in multiple Australian universities as a teacher of philosophy and psychology where his specialisation was Epicurean ethical theory. Mathew is a long-time lover of poetry, and is now in the early stages of his path as a poet.

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