One Poem by James Bell

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

love can be chaotic sometimes

to lean over like this you need to think
bend or lie back as if you are real lovers
and not caught in a fantasy
where it can be like incest between twins
or just narcissistic people
who merely look alike with both heads in
the clouds
and o how that goes – it doesn’t because
it’s a fantasy
and prove it with a new moon beside your
and that has some unconvincing symbolism
about exploring moons
and the effect of this on the human brain
and its circadian rhythms

nimbi infect the clouds though not very
it’s also symbolic that there’s a storm
the question does not occur very often
about weather
in the heavens when the rest of life is
lived on the ground
the moon tries to encroach but is just
too new
existence defies anything anybody can
ultimately decide
up in the clouds it’s a long way from land
and a long way from home
unspoken love like this by its nature can be
chaotic sometimes


James Bell – returned to writing poetry over twenty years ago and has not yet left. He is a regular contributor to Nine Muses’ Special Challenges. His third poetry collection, Here At The End Of The World, is forthcoming from Lapwing Poetry.

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