One Poem by Martha Landman

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Portrait of a Farmer’s Wife

Round fresh face under knitted beanie
forthright deep brown eyes.
Her jacket, thick and woven, snug around
her neck that tonight the farmer will kiss.

She counts her blessings. Her hands,
full of work, smell of chicken coop —
a brave new world is born — her fowl’s
larger than those on neigbouring farms.

She loves the smell of ploughed soil
wind rustling through yard and trees
roosters’ pre-dawn crow from behind
a neatly painted wooden shed.

Like her husband and children, her birds
are well fed, she lets them roam,
knows each by name, chats with them all day long
as they sing their egg-laying song.

And when high-brow Mrs Wynn arrives
to purchase a large-sized hen, ordered
in advance, she holds Gracie in her arms.
Her voice rich with authority says goodbye.


Martha Landman is a South Australian poet and a previous contributor to Nine Muses Poetry.

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