One Poem by Raquel Morris

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Sustainable Femininity

Her mother’s stare
disapproving as always
wearing her furs and pearls
to show her status,
even on a farm.
How disgustingly simple
of her daughter,
she thought.
She always thought,
and judged,
and talked,
without actually ever saying much.
Vapid vanity
were things she valued.

The girl was now a woman
barely recognizable
as a socialite
but easily mistaken
for a man.
Her hair lay hidden
beneath a boy’s beanie
her face was make-up free
her hands were bare.
holding a hen
like a baby
which she refused to have.

The daughter’s gaze
was one of wisdom
how to live in harmony
with the land.
She found freedom
on the farm
her hands touched dirt
she became a Goddess
of creation.
Unlike the masses,
who worshipped money
marching on the well traveled road
without question.
Forgetting that the road to hell
is always paved in gold.
She smirked at her mother’s disapproval
for it meant she made it out
of the capitalist machine.


Raquel Morris has a Master’s in Social Work (MSW), is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and writer who has a life long love of poetry. Writing is her passion, she enjoys expressing her experience as a Native American, woman of color, mother, social worker, activist, and mystic. She is an emerging writer and has been published in Nine Muses Poetry.

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