One Poem by Michael Burton

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Neighbourhood Greeting

You’re going to love it here!
It’s pure suburbia
and not the staring
out the window
getting the worst of
each world
kind of suburbia.
I’m talking quiet
yet convenient
gin drunk on the doorstep of a
merry afternoon
kind of suburbia.
I was a country girl myself
you know
I know all about the stenches
the dawn lit mornings
wading through the mud
sometimes I even miss it.
Occasionally I still hear the
sounds of hay
shuffling in the night
but it’s better here
believe me and
you’re young. So young.
Starting afresh
everything’s new.
Oh, to start it all again!
How lovely! The thought of it!
To wind it all back
to the very beginning.


Michael is from East Lancashire but is currently living in Beijing. He is an avid reader of poetry but has had, up until now, quite an off-and-on life as a writer. The good news is he’s been writing much more consistently recently and has had poems published by The Spittoon Collective and Allegro.

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