One Poem by Jordan Trethewey

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Step Back, Bold Chicken

Scratch the surface—
see what lies beneath.

Find a seed—re-cover,
water—watch it grow.

Leave scabs alone—
you know what’s there.

Let them heal,
be born anew.

Step back, bold chicken.
Look around.

Answers await
your unusual approach.

Let tender heart
anchor swirling mind

when feeling, upside-down,
catatonic, and confined.


Jordan Trethewey is a writer and editor living in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. His new, frightening book of verse, Spirits for Sale, is now available on Amazon from Pskis Porch Publishing. Some of his work found a home here, and in other publications such as Burning House Press, Visual Verse, CarpeArte Journal, Fishbowl Press, The Blue Nib, Red Fez, and Spillwords. Jordan is an editor at, and a regular guest editor at The Ekphrastic Review. His poetry has also been translated in Vietnamese and Farsi. To see more of his work go to: .

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