One Poem by James Bell

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

speech bubbles

have not yet formed
perhaps thirty seconds or so to go
and like a cyclone will begin to accelerate
into real speech in the distance between

the two women who meet in still calm air
formed stances already taken
the elder – handbag under arm – ready
for some kind of broadside along the lines

of – we don’t do such things around here –
is the opposite of the younger who
gently holds the chicken in her arms
and might say – you can have some eggs –

that is when she begins to lay soon –
you can see blood and impulse gather
grow like the neatly planted vegetable garden
in the foreground as cloud shaped thought bubbles

explode into imagined and much needed rain
quickly formed and finished inside
this brief exchange of war being declared
and just as quickly a peace concord signed


James Bell – returned to writing poetry over twenty years ago and has not yet left. He is a regular contributor to Nine Muses’ Special Challenges. His third poetry collection, Here At The End Of The World, is forthcoming from Lapwing Poetry.

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