One Poem by Raquel Morris

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.


Feeling defeated,
my energy depleted
love’s degradation,
the division occurs.
Division of self,
division of us,
decisions of worth,
so many dreams
I’m overly needed,
but not wanted,
or recognized.
I’m needing
to be loved
and listened to,
to speak,
to share my soul
so I know my thoughts
are heard
and cherished.
To dance on life’s stage
in perfect time.
I felt the rhythm
of the Universe
in my prime,
but somehow lost tune
now I’m invisible.
Married and alone,
surrounded by silence
in my home.


Raquel Morris has a Master’s in Social Work (MSW), is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and writer who has a life long love of poetry. Writing is her passion, she enjoys expressing her experience as a Native American, woman of color, mother, social worker, activist, and mystic. She is an emerging writer and has been published in Nine Muses Poetry.

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