One Poem by Felix Purat

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

A Glass Half-Empty

The glass is half-empty, the cigar half-smoked
Less than 50% renders Bamiyan Buddha as a replica
Why must we think otherwise of Lebe & Liebe?

A couples’ percentage pre-Princip depreciates;
Ennui gushes from the hidden vortex
The painter Sickert hears but never sees

The female sees only half the portrait
Gazing longingly into a featureless face, an NPC;
Already the blank slate future emerges

With its greenhouse of wilted, drooping roses
The male’s cigar won’t be the last savored narcotic
The rose blight won’t rest until love has decayed

And dysfunction runs rampant in the brigand’s greasy hands
Sewing terror into every national fabric; but always,
Always out of reach of spidery ennui’s domain.


Felix hails from Berkeley, CA but lives in the Czech Republic and travels frequently. In addition to four micro-chapbooks (all published by the Origami Poems Project), Felix has been published in numerous outlets and magazines and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. His poems have also been translated into Slovak. His webpage is:

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