One Poem by Simon Daley

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Bell Jar

We all live in a bell jar he mused,
cocooned, co-opted and confined
by the limits placed upon us,
limits defined internally pushing
back against freedoms gained
internationally even galactically
(if the lunatics are to be believed).
The wireless worries the bounds,
bringing new voices and vices,
its waves lapping around a tapping
foot, struggling to stay rooted,
in the moss of what we know.
We know there is life out there
but not as we know it,
not yet.


Simon Daley is a police officer who aspires to write poetry that people are glad they read. He is studying creative writing with Open University. He may never be published but can live with that. He lives in Scotland between houses and a campervan and misses his daughter terribly.

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