Two Poems by Jack O’Donnell

Delirium Tremens

I’m no a poet
On the straight and narrow
My words RIP
No very VIP

Lifeless wae no teeth
Gummy and lonely
With an involuntary tremor
Oxymoronic before a fall

Lying flat on an unmarked page
Tip a finger over my tombstone
Read whit I wrought
Hallucinate me into existence

Note: this poem is written in the Scots dialect.

Dear Suicide,

Maktoob – the note already written
you hold the end of my grief
set us apart
let go of my heart
knowing my soul will not soar
fall evermore
a hallucinatory dream
show unshadowed strength
and be no more
slow show your rickety need
set my hand apart
climb with me
and set me free


Jack O’Donnell has had some of his work published, and even some of it read, but, usually, not. His novel Lily Poole can be found at:

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