One Poem by Raquel Morris

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.


He stares with two faces
looking out
one marked with beauty and youth
the other a face of wisdom and age.

Who have we been
who will we become
our present moment
is always fleeting
minute by miraculous minute
smashed between
the unrelenting past
and the unyielding future.

January is a time
we reflect on both
We’ve both been children
who have played
and dreamed
and wept.

Our past pains haunt us
through our lives
Some of us become
we find those shadows
are our friends.

Burdens of who we were
melt away
to reveal our power
which will be used
in the battles ahead
we still fear
our unknown fate
as we hope for the best
and we bravely leap
into the present


Raquel Morris is a poet, writer, Master of Social Work (MSW), and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Writing is her passion, she enjoys expressing her experience as a woman of color/mother/social worker and using it as a means of political activism.

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