One Poem by Martha Landman

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

In the year 2020

Janus looks back and sees:
a woman swats a fly against a kitchen window
a cricket ball abandoned in an empty field
teenagers’ clothes on a bedroom floor
youths demand climate change action
mothers give birth on the roadside
a woodpecker drums against a tree
harvests reaped, cherries planted.

Janus sees other things too:
terrorists, refugees and evacuees
volcanoes, floods and tornadoes
a thick rainbow after a storm
doors close, windows open
towns and forests ablaze
astronomers count stars
presidents impeached
a world at war
and on it goes.

Janus’ other head
looks forward
heaves a sigh
sees it all
over again.


Martha Landman lives in Adelaide, South Australia and has published widely. She has previously contributed to Nine Muses Poetry.

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