Two Poems by Jim Brosnan

Moments Snatched Before Midnight

Only after
the moments
have disappeared
do I lament
the passing of time—
the evening
we parked
near the lake
where oaks hugged
the winter sunset
and the moon’s
shafts reflected
in an inky emptiness
on the icy banks
where we studied
half crusted boulders
brushstroked in glitter
before gazing across
moonlit fields of snow,
to savor the serenity
of a Minnesota sky
while the night
remained mute.

In a Notebook about Stars

I prefer to travel
at night when
darkness smothers
Midwestern towns
at the edge
of interstate,
creates an asphalt
sanctuary where
I can whisper
under a Buck Moon,
gaze at Venus,
Saturn and Mercury
since quiet afternoons
don’t often reveal secrets
nor provide the setting
where I can meditate
on the meaning of time
for a few hours
before I begin to wonder
where I might find you.


Jim Brosnan’s publishing credits include Nameless Roads (Moon Pie Press, 2019), four chapbooks of poetry and over 500 poems most recently appearing in the Aurorean, Crossways (Ireland), Eunoia Review (Singapore), Nine Muses Poetry (Wales), Scarlet Leaf Review (Canada), Strand (India), and Voices of the Poppies Anthology (UK).

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