One Poem by Judith Steele

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

All Is One

The old year looks back,
the new looks forward
both sculpted as Janus
according to convention.
Both heads are white marble,
share a neck and a skull and some hair.
The old is bearded, with sunken cheeks.
The young is bare-chinned, his nose a prow
to lead him ahead. To where?

I am old and look back at the good and the bad.
My grandchildren look forward in hope
and more fears
than my generation knew.
We share some genes
and the short warmth of life
eternal Janus never knew.


Judith Steele is Australian. Her poetry or prose has most recently appeared in the print journal Gobshite Quarterly (Oregon USA); and web blogs New Verse News and Plum Tree Tavern.

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