One Poem by Jim Bennett

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.


today I decided to go to work
as a clown

round red nose
baggy hoop trousers
oversized shoes
bright blue waistcoat
rouge cheeks
thick painted eyebrows

large squirting flower
in the multi-patched coat lapel

people said
you’re a clown
and I had to agree

all day I pulled sad faces
as people tried to tell me
their stories
I pointed at my eye
and the track my
painted tear would take

but there is no point in being a clown
clowns don’t help anyone
not even themselves
and a lot of people are frightened
when they see me

tomorrow I am going to
work as someone else
batman perhaps
after all
anything is better
than trying to be me


Jim Bennett is a poet who was born in Liverpool in the UK a long time ago and is still alive (we think).

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