One Poem by Geoffrey Heptonstall

Of Human Geometry

Two Studies of Barbara Hepworth

Who feels the angel’s shadow
if this we begin to see?
Poised to let her beauty known,
preserving the moment
across the city sky.
An invitation opens
speaking an unknown tongue
where may be found a future now.

Stone and steel music shaped
when artistry intervenes.
The lyrical dream floating
beyond the bounds toward
a change in human geometry
made in universal time.
A child in the womb
is living many lives.
The promise is hers alone.

Winged Figure Oxford Street, London

Every hollow in the stone
forms an eloquent absence,
a mind’s eye of feeling
for the possible
imagined by her hands,
re-making a world more real.

The stones stand as sentinel.
Or they may seem to move
as guardians of the natural.
They have shaped the landscape
by their presence.
Her art has peopled emptiness.

The Family of Man Yorkshire Sculpture Park


Three poems of Geoffrey’s appeared in Nine Muses Poetry in September 2018. More recent publications include stories in Litro, Open Pen and Synchronized Chaos, and poetry in La Piccioletta Barca.

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