One Poem by James Bell

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

only the sky is higher still

minarets are my first thought and ask
why they might be here in such numbers –
a personal imagining of Xanadu where

clowns live and perform beneath these tops
have to be homes for jugglers and tumblers also
who live to glitter in their brightest colours

where others call by to say they’ve been –
solemnly watch the trapeze and high wire acts
while only the sky is higher still

the usual bargain after the animals
have gone to do what’s natural for them
as symbols too of a greater desertion

every trick is greeted with applause and laughter
while all remains quiet just beneath the sky


James Bell – returned to writing poetry over twenty years ago and has not yet left. He is a regular contributor to Nine Muses’ Special Challenges.

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