One Poem by Eva Silver

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.


I put on the plague doctor mask in Pisa,
We drank a whole bottle of red, I found it
Hilarious, look at my big nose – I laughed,
Dust on my lips, I span around,
Tipsy, I remembered the golden Venetian
Masks, which I hoarded from Venice, promising
To wear them out, to a masquerade maybe,
I waltzed around the room, pretending to
Be royalty, pretending to be someone else,
I excelled at that, over the years,
I changed my hair, I dyed it every shade,
I cut a fringe, I got a tattoo,
I changed my name, to suit my mood,
Master of disguise, queen of camouflage,
I’ve never known who I really am.


Eva Silver – was inspired to start writing after studying English Literature at school. Her writing is influenced by her travels, relationships and spirituality.

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