One Poem by Rennie Halstead

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

The Promise

Never trust a man in a tail coat
with moustaches and a
silver topped cane.

I can give you all your dreams,
make them true. Sign here,
never mind the small print.

I will make you a famous beauty,
a star, renowned in magazines,
on social media, on TV.

Doors will open for you,
riches will pour on your head,
a modern Cleopatra.

I was gullible then,
believed people, thought
they told the truth,

failed to notice the sly deceit,
the politician’s promise
telling half a truth.

I wished for beauty,
porcelain skin, perfect nose, eyes,
lashes to dream of.

I paid the shilling,
was transformed,
a mannequin.

So you see me,
perfect youth captured
twenty years ago

now, chipped, worn,
forgotten, overlooked,
an inconvenient memory.


Rennie has been writing since he was eleven. These days he concentrates on poetry and reviews. He lives in Kent.

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