One Poem by Kate Young

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Life as an Empty Effigy

Sleepy hours sing silent songs,
a jangle of city-binge, waning,
as if wrapped in cellophane.

Time opens its jaws, yawns,
pulls me in to glare in glass,
a painted moon stares back

cheek bones as flawless
as a Major Tom haunting,
words on the tip of tide.

I catch a flash of scarlet,
lips parted, skin stretched taut
on sockets pared to plastic.

My face moulds with mannequin,
scalp smooth, another hollow dame
cold as a stroll on Broadway.


Kate Young lives in Kent and is passionate about poetry and literature. After retiring, she has returned to writing and has had success with poems published in magazines internationally and in Great Britain. She is presently editing her work and writing new material, particularly in response to ekphrastic challenges.

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