One Poem by Daniel Pearson


You come to life
In a wave, polished and accumulated
Digesting and being digested.

The dwellers
Made a bite of the pulse—
Your black cry ebbs in a mouthful

Of fishbone.
Melting and flexing. A strong impulse
To swim against the barrages.

Yellow world crinkles
Through a window of cellophane,
Crisp packets, ring pulls and shopping bags—

Your tourmaline
Mouth, shark tongue pinned
Skin of spears, aggregate of carrion

Plucking sloughed
Flakes of keratin, the sepulchral cyst—
Old drummed off membrane

Mute in the pull
Of jaw and hook, not one wave squandered
For the fossil tugged back with each salt heave.

This is the sea-swell—
The cannibal gut, gourmandising itself.
Your conch ear thinning to a bitten edge.


Daniel Pearson was born in North East England and studied English at Lancaster University. He has spent a lot of time since then living in other countries and currently resides in Vietnam.

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