One Poem by Felix Purat

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Awaiting Autumnal Melancholia

In an austere blue shawl
She tranquilly embraces what
Large hosts of spirits import
En masse from their Samhain domain,
Part and parcel of the season
As the sun, serotinal, keeps
Setting so far out of reach

We learned about Sol as modern beings:
Today it is still out of reach
Alongside everything else;
The Greek womans’ joyful thoughts
My kochanas’ dimpled bliss
The thirsty orange tree is too far from the creek
And Helios still weeps for his dead, foolish son

From afar I hear whispers of the
Santa Ana demon engulfed in infinite rage:
I hear morbid words in English and palpable palabras
But silence in every other wagging język
The grass is still green, at least for now
Our shawls will all turn blue soon enough
For now we await autumnal melancholia


Felix hails from Berkeley, CA but lives in the Czech Republic and travels frequently. In addition to three micro-chapbooks (all published by the Origami Poems Project), Felix has been published in numerous outlets and magazines and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. His webpage is:

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