One Poem by Joan Leotta

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Leaves in a Stream in the Time of Letting Go

River birch stand tall, shielding me from autumn’s first gray sky,
complementing the efforts of my warm wool cloak
their green, cloak’s blue celebrating the last of summer.
Wind has scattered a few yellow leaves into the stream.
Wrapped in cloak and thoughts of loss
I will my fears out upon these floating skiffs
released willingly from the birch
hoping these will bear my anxieties far from here
so that when winter finally comes with its
colder winds and empty branches scratch
even grayer skies, fears gone,
I will face a frozen stream
wrapped warmly in even brighter colors
with skates strapped upon my feet.
Released from fears I will glide
along the ice, laughing at the anxiety,
fears, I felt in the time of letting go.


Joan Leotta plays with words on page and stage. Her poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Ekphrastic Review, Vita Brevis, Anti_heroin Chic and others. She also writes essays, articles, plays, short stories, and novels. As a story performer she appears often at festivals, fairs, schools and libraries telling tales of food, family, and strong women. She has a fondness for Romantic art and for walking on the beach.

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