One Poem by Martha Landman

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

A Woman Muses in an Autumn Field

Summer slips away, barely making sound
as it brushes past golden-glowed stems,
silky as her skin. Dressed in cream and blue
she listens. The landscape, shadows listen,
blue clouds listen, lie shallow in the stream.
She misses the silkworms, beetles, the birds.
Her lover’s gone abroad, her neck’s a swan.
She mourns in advance for this paradise
that will soon be blanketed in winter’s frost.
To the grass and the trees, the hills and sky,
to this phantom Eden without snakes,
the words on her lips whisper a soft song —
a song prepared for her lover’s return,
a song for autumn’s mind-twirling wonder.


Martha Landman has been published in various online journals and in printed anthologies. She has previously contributed to Nine Muses Poetry.

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