One Poem by Daphne Milne

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

This Painting is by Someone Famous
which is why we hang it on the wall

Aunt Lucy used to wander.
An ambulatory roman statue
blue cloak  long white toga.

There are no adult photographs
but there is this painting
a lanky figure by the silver birches.
She’s the one who escaped
ran off with the artist
led a wild life in Morocco
only mentioned in whispers
‘pas devant les enfants’.

But who is this infant swathed in lace
beaming cheerfully under golden curls
from the family christening dress?
Who is this fine boned youth
playing Cinderella
in the Christmas pantomime?
Who is this soldier
with the pale moustache?

‘That’s Lucius – disappeared –
after the war.’ ‘We don’t talk about it.’


Daphne writes poems, short stories, novellas, flash fiction. Work published in print/on line in magazines and anthologies internationally.

Daphne now lives in Fremantle, W. Australia. She reads regularly at Perth Poetry Club. She has recorded two podcasts for ILAA on Kalamunda radio.

Her pamphlet The Blue Boob Club is published by Indigo Dreams Press:

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