One Poem by Simon Daley

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Time to blossom

I wonder, do you find me too Plane,
or perhaps think me merely Willowy?
Am I, in your eyes, to be tended,
curtailed and trimmed to a shape
you find manageable, controlled?
I can find my place in the sun,
root out my own share without
you to hold me and hold me back.
Never bank on me needing, or be fooled
by my shedding of seasoned garb.
I will not lay myself bare for you,
but choose to stand proudly naked
when the time is right for me.
Disrobing is an act of cold defiance
you are unlikely to understand.
Instead you seek to shelter yourself
from the sheer joy of such exposure.
You should be forever green of me
and the freedom I have to change.
My rebirth and growth, past you.


Simon Daley is a police officer who aspires to write poetry that people are glad they read. He is studying creative writing with Open University. He may never be published but can live with that. He lives in Scotland between houses and a campervan and misses his daughter terribly.

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