One Poem by Anna Schoenbach

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

As One Joined

I hold your hand
I hold your heart
I squeeze it rhythmically
beating, beating
your blood my blood
flowing through our veins

If I am to save you
I must become one
cease to be me
your hand, mine
my heart, yours
your mind my mind your soul my soul

I will not

split apart the two
unclasp the fingers
open heart and mind
let me be me
let you be you

Your heart stops without me
as I let go
of you
at last


Previously published in the poem anthology “Primal Elements”, by OWS Ink, Anna Schoenbach is a writer, editor, and poet who hopes that she can capture even just a little bit of the awesome power of the natural (and spiritual) world in her writing.

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