One Poem by Judith Steele

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.


My sisters know me too well,
as I know them.
Our knowledge is skewed
by past events and emotions,
kinks of family customs
and memory’s cartoons.

In knowing too much
we don’t know enough.
Our friends have better knowledge
of our wholes, being unentwined
in childhood’s positions and parts.

Yet when I hear my father or mother
in one sister or another, I’m returned
to family characteristics, random
twists of genetic inheritance.

My heart responds
to the past in the present,
for better or for worse.


Judith Steele is Australian. Her poetry or prose has most recently appeared in the print journal Gobshite Quarterly, (U.S.A.), and websites Nine Muses Poetry and New Verse News.

One thought on “One Poem by Judith Steele

  1. I was amazed to see the picture chosen for this month’s challenge. My younger sister loved the works by Paul Klee. It would take me too long to write a verse to do her justice. I miss her terribly as she died in 2008 and we were very close. She was an artist and I may try to post one of her works someday. I still haven’t got used to the idea that my phone can record everything! Thank you for the inspiration. Julie.

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