One Poem by Sheree Mack

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

salt screams in our blood

you say
               hold this mottled memory close
and stretch           your    hand
a     c     r     o     s     s
                                        the dark

a watery mass of unspoken woes
grow between us
I hold on tight                shackled to your story

your eyes touch me


caked in sea-salt
ribboning through
straits of grief

I say
         remember we share the same heart
and think how you always steal it

blood screaming wild in our darkness
I dream of you
                          walking home
a     c     r     o     s     s
                                      the ocean floor

you are dead to me
you’re dead to me


Sheree Mack is a Creatrix living on the North East Coast of England. She facilitates visual journaling workshops, nationally and internationally, supporting women in their exploration of their authentic voices. She is currently writing about traveling and working in Iceland as well as the next instalment of her creative non-fiction memoir.

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