One Poem by Simon Daley

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Twinned and entwined

We are, they say, peas in a pod.
Simply ludicrous, as it’s obvious
just how very different we are.
Genetics clearly can’t confine us.
You and I are built of the same
jigsaw puzzle pieces, perhaps, or
kindred shards of kaleidoscope.
But that does not tell our story.
Relatively speaking, we are the
same and yet as different as pages
shed from a well-thumbed book.
Abstract observance by untrained,
uneducated or even just lazy eyes,
suggests an affinity, that we look
alike and akin, yet we hold dear,
our own unique narrative within.
I am folded into, and out of, you,
and it is you I am wrapped up in.
My reality is bound, spiritually
and corporeally, by your being.
Your definition gives me form.
Without you I need not exist, for
it is plain to see, that whenever,
there’s no you, there can be no me.


Simon Daley is a police officer who aspires to write poetry that people are glad they read. He is studying creative writing with Open University. He may never be published but can live with that. He lives in Scotland between houses and a campervan and misses his daughter terribly.

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