One Poem by Ashley Hajimirsadeghi


I didn’t die today.

I am dreaming & it is
filled with my mother’s lullabies;
her tongue is heavy, mouth filled
with sea salt & honey.
She sings a soft tune
full of loss & grace &
it is sickeningly sweet.

I imagine right now she’s
scooping a pumpkin’s organs
out with a spork, laughing
& crying as she drips honey
all over the salt-covered seeds.
She is dragging her fingers through
the sticky mess, soul on fire & lips
puckering as she clutches
her Bible, seeds & honey &
sea salt crumbling to little bits
all over the fading cover.

I didn’t die today.

My will has been tightened
and coiled around my heart,
the children’s tales are
rewritten so meticulously—
my mind has become
a graveyard, a field of grey,
blue, & withered flowers.

But when I wake up, my mouth
is sticky, my tongue is stone,
covered in hardened honey.


Ashley Hajimirsadeghi currently is an undergraduate student at the Fashion Institute of Technology; she is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. Her work has appeared/is forthcoming from Sugared Water, Into the Void, Eastern Iowa Review, among others. She has been nominated for Best of the Net and recognized by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers.

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