One Poem by James Bell

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

a trick in a magic show

your necklace has unravelled – no longer itself
has become a scarf of constituent parts
that still stick together in an arc

a premise on which to describe how
you laid down this jewellery in a pile
and each object drifted away and left

a statuette and a bottle on the table
one day when your necklace unravelled
as a symbol of how you escaped – beat

the system in place instead of common sense –
even when you carved your story
on a silver birch as a way to name the tree nearby

so that it would last longer –
could not be lied to every day and night
the words at best in opaque or faded letters

and of an age both ancient and fast
approaching – as distraction your necklace
unravelled like a trick in a magic show


James Bell – returned to writing poetry over twenty years ago and has not yet left. He is a regular contributor to Nine Muses’ Special Challenge.

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