One Poem by Frances Roberts-Reilly

The Gower

The wild sea of grass where
the turbulent tide breaks in.
By some inner radar
the sheep find higher ground.

The feral ponies herd
in family groups bonding in the blustery
wind-swept, tousled heather.
Such is the deep peace of wild places.

We offer our brokenness where
green life enables weak things to grow.
These are not straight paths where
the veined sea pulses around nesting places.

The startled Kite takes flight in
the wild, dishevelled places of the mind.
The boney spine, a highway of life
force, tingles the eager nerves at its brim.

We laugh, we cry, we feel the dark places.
What current runs between us opening
the heart’s depth and the fathoms within us?
Hill forts, bones and stones store memories.

We’ve crossed this remote, rough ground.
Exposed we arrive in the sheltered urbane.
Calmer now and gentle under its tutelage.
Such is the ability to rise and overcome.


Frances Roberts-Reilly was born on the Welsh border and grew up in England. She’s of mixed-heritage Welsh Gypsy-English, a descendant of Abram Wood, the notable family of musicians and storytellers.

She began writing seriously in 1972, whilst working at BBC television in London, England. After making award-winning documentaries, she earned an Honours degree in English Literature at the University of Toronto.

Frances is a full-time writer, living in Canada. Her writing has been published widely in literary journals and anthologies, both online and in print. She is a featured poet in the upcoming Stone on Stone: Anthology of Romani Women Writers.

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