One Poem by Paula Puolakka

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

The Blood of Christ

Maybe inside my brain, there’s a bunch of larvae
eating the tissue and my nerves away,
slowly and steadily,
and this is why I have been thinking about
the end of the world which will take place
in 150 years’ time,
she ponders,
lying on her lonely bed
and the color scarlet is not the color of a whore,
but the symbol of a pious woman,
tormented by the blood of Christ
and her unfulfilled duty to turn the world

The white walls
and the tile floor
are those of a monastery,
(not a nunnery since she does not believe in the nuns,
only in her fellow monks)
though, in reality, the “monastery” is her rental flat
near the deli owned by her uncle,
the “man in black silk”,
an orthodox Jew,
and right across the street, there’s a Pizza Hut
and the only rosaries – seen on the block –
are those in the window of the hocus pocus shop
which also sells crystals, Tarot decks, and
Krishna figures.

Maybe we have all been subjected to
some strange chemicals,
and my whole life
has been an illusion,
the divine emotions and all the dedication
caused by the company named X
to fulfill our government’s wishes,
she ponders
before closing her eyes to dream
about the husband
she will never share her bed with.


Paula Puolakka (1982) is a Beat poet, writer, and MA (History of Science and Ideas) who has won poetry and short story contests held in the USA and Israel. Her latest work can be found through Woody Guthrie Poets (Speak Your Mind Anthology: OK, USA) and Poetry Potion (South Africa).

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