One Poem by Seán Maguire

The Place Where Love Died

An eerie silence choked lively trees, where love
once reigned. Birds stopped flying by, staying high
above the sky. Nests no longer rest on supple branches.
Life stopped breathing here, over a century ago.

Family picnics visit smooth wooden tables, fresh bread
with melted brie, sandwiched between cooked ham
and sweet red wine, toasting a fruit filled forest.

This charming space holds unmarked graves. Remains lie
beneath decayed leaves. Flowers are laid, for the unknown
dead, but wither to dust within days, at this bittersweet
place, where love died.


Seán Maguire is an Irish poet and writer. His poetry collection Harvest Soul was published in 1998, by Sessyu Press. In 2017, he released, For Those Left Behind. His poems are featured in the new Poetry in the Motion Anthology, Honest Ulsterman, Pangolin Review, Poetry NI Panning for Poems.

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