Two Poems by Maxine Rose Munro

The Synesthetes Love Song

In this world we share you gave
me your love wrapped in song
and I wrote into it a yellow seat
where you would sit to drink
the taste of my body’s green.

The feel of your smile while
my ink-dry hands wrote your world…

When you breathed some clouds,
shaped their fluffy edges true,
your fingers made the sound
of heaven, I swear,
and I watched you

overwhelm our confused senses
until all that we could ever know
turned into this continuous us.

Blinded by love we followed
lost trails, faint sounds of failing
affection, fell to touch our voices
together on the phone.

Hold the air,


we are there inside our conjoined grasp,
as solid as the ghosts
I think we’ve become
because we buried our love in a world
of misaligned senses and blurred

when we ended

where we started

Ne’er Day Morning

This morning everyone sleeps, but me.
This new morning that is a new year,
and everyone in this house sleeps
but me,

I inhale air no different to yesterday,
nor yesterday’s yesterday. Everything
is the same – baubles and lights,
as before,

adorn a plastic tree I switch on by myself,
and look at by myself, this New Year
same-everything morning that I
don’t sleep

and they do. I listen to the quiet that comes
before noise as calm before storms.
Soon they’ll rise, full of alive,
sweep me

up in their wake, unresisting, until
I’m beached once more on some
peaceful shore, as now,
a voyeur

of mine own, cocooned in their wildness
that’s my stability. This new morning
new year in which everything is still
the same,

I am glad.


Maxine Rose Munro is widely published, including in Northwords Now; Glasgow Review of Books; Pushing Out the Boat; and Nine Muses Poetry. She also writes poetry in her native Shetland Scots, some of which can be found in Poetry Scotland and Three Drops from a Cauldron.

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