One Poem by Martha Landman

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

The Tuft

Composed on a windless day.
The hand unseen, his brushstrokes
a study of green, shaded from light to dark
in waves of passion — an artist’s precise eye.
His mood as laboured as the network of lines,
weed, daisies, fern and grass arrayed.
Their roots sunk in mud, thirsty creepers
drink water from the earth, not knowing
what shapes above them, not wanting
to hang in a gallery scrutinised by curious eyes.
Not a stone seen in this watercolour landscape.
The artist unaware of breeze or bird vibrating in trees.
Soon he will down tools, think moss in crevices
hear the music of life and growth.


Martha Landman lives in Adelaide, South Australia, where she is a member of The Friendly Street Poets. Her work has appeared in online journals and in anthologies in UK, US and Australia.

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