One Poem by B S Dixon


a sky glows marigold—
burning a lake’s surface
and bleeding from the veins
of dark, naked trees.
I wonder—
will she remember her true face
once the sunset embers fade
and her mask of clouds
dissolves to reveal
a sparkling void?

perhaps the flock
of horizon-bound birds
will whisper her
a reminder
before she succumbs
to despair.


B. S. Dixon is a writer and social worker from Boston, MA whose work is inspired by the spirit and will power exemplified by the homeless population with whom he has the privilege to work with. His writing has most recently been printed in The Red Eft Review, Right Hand Pointing, The Eunoia Review and The Mindful Word, and will be published in the upcoming spring issues of the Unbroken Journal and the Front Porch Review.

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